Searching For Answers.

My dear reader,
Have you ever felt lost? Not knowing where life is leading you and you have made all sorts of plans for your future. I tend to worry sometimes that all the happy plans I have planned out for my future ain’t enough. I need to do more. Not that I have to prove to anyone my capabilities of survival.
There are days where I would get up in the morning, have my favorite cup of black coffee, just a little bit darker. There’s little warmness in my chest that makes me think, everything is gonna work out the way it should.
You see my dear reader; I have a nature to control my life. There’s this saying go with the flow. I can’t easily lose control; it scares the shit out of me.



My frustration is simple to define. I can’t keep up with the act of faking. People pretend all the time and they lie. I lie because it’s the easiest thing to do when my words fail to explain the war that has been going inside my heart. That’s what summer does me. I am not trying to live. I am just alive. Breathing, I am empty inside. Just empty.
In order to fit into the society and chasing my career, I have failed my attempts to be genuine with myself. Even smiling at a stranger these days seems to take a load of guts to do.

Yesterday I was at my favorite coffee bar, reading THE HISTORIAN by Elizabeth Kostova on my e-reader. It was a moment of solitude that I enjoy. That feeling of escaping the reality and imagining the story that may seem mere fiction to you.
My favorite time of day is dawn because that’s the most silent hour of the day where people aren’t rushing around. The beautiful sunrise, when it shines; it’s just another fine day.
I have been distant lately from everyone I love, but that’s just okay. I am lost and I need to find myself. I need to find my purpose. So one day when I’ll wake up, I no longer have to question my life, I’ll have my answers.
I am going to ask you now. Have you ever felt lost? Because if you haven’t its time to look inside yourself and take a break to make sure you are alive. And not just living.

Have a good summer.



A Lie



Why do we take religion so seriously?

I am an atheist. I don’t believe in any particular religion or community. For me, there’s only one religion; ethics. I have my own set of rules and regulations that I follow to live my life. I believe in karma.

When a baby is born, he is named and labeled to a particular religion. He is taught communal difference of this world; the Do’s and don’ts. The difference between heaven and hell, good and evil, angel and demon. That’s merely an illusion of our human psychology; I believe.

It started when I was born,

Criticism of religion at once.

I am just a child of lord;

From birth, I was taught my ethics,

Thou I never understood the maze.

Questions were always on my tongue,

Biting my mind to never run.

Yes I know from where my roots are sown;

Thou I am taught the incarnation of names.

And ancestors who wrote Vedas to live with rules.

Yet my mind is racing to understand that cross…

No one answered me except to follow the path,

Restrictions are enforced to remind me where I am from,

But I still ask; what are those wars going in your heart?

God made heaven and earth, so he made you.

I ask you why is this different?

I am told if I do good karma, I will go to heaven;

It is a lethal lie,

Because the world is creation.

An illusion!

Am I a killer of my own ethics;

If I just ask you the history of cross and moon?

I don’t think so.

Because he never created any of this names.

Then why have we labeled his creation?

Oh universe here I am

May this world rest in peace,

May each one understand –

He never created any names.

This is my message to you

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white

Believer or non-believer,

You may go to heaven or hell,

He doesn’t rely on names we give to our demons.

Follow your divinity and soul

He lies within you

We are just material body

To experience this heaven(earth) created by him.

If I die young bury me beneath

A meadow; he gifted me a body

That will rot in this earth

Because I am an immortal soul.

This is all lie I say

Because I fear what demons say –

Of being a sinner and getting crucified

But somewhere I know I am right

Here I am

Saying the truth.

Yet some of you hate reality;

But a part of me believes;

That is what humans are sacrificed for.

– Pankti Shukla

Great Greek and roman philosopher have preached and written their thesis which are followed even now. What does philosophy in the literal sense mean? It means “love of wisdom”. Then why our human philosophies are so orthodox which doesn’t allow raising questions. And if you do have unorthodox opinions you are an outcast. Religion is whats causing a war in Syria, Racism against color and mercilessly killing off humankind.


Our demeanor towards our ethics determines our rectitude. I am not against any particular theology. My only mere grievance is let Humanism evolve. Let’s just stop judging a person on the grounds of this sophisticated rules and regulation that blindfold us. A cosmopolitan philosophy is far much peaceful than prejudiced one.


As a human being, you choose your own religion, believes and mortality. Be a theoretician of your own life.

Our world needs a linguistic ideology.





Thousands of Milestone..

What to say? When there is no explanation.

I’ve been wandering for miles and miles; In search of answers…

My body aches with pain. As I look back; I can see my footprints. How far have I reached?

I keep walking forlornly.

Just one word escapes my lips : mercy.

My dreams are my soul to survive.

I believe someday I’ll live it! People criticized me and let me down;

But I promise to never quit. After so many years my heart is at peace;

Today my eyes are warm with poised tears. My memories’ of struggle flashes up;

And somewhere I know it’s all worth.

Time is melancholy.

My vision is now a reality.

Some where a part of me grew up; Where a few shreds of my soul died.

That’s how life goes on; image Just


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