Thousands of Milestone..

What to say? When there is no explanation.

I’ve been wandering for miles and miles; In search of answers…

My body aches with pain. As I look back; I can see my footprints. How far have I reached?

I keep walking forlornly.

Just one word escapes my lips : mercy.

My dreams are my soul to survive.

I believe someday I’ll live it! People criticized me and let me down;

But I promise to never quit. After so many years my heart is at peace;

Today my eyes are warm with poised tears. My memories’ of struggle flashes up;

And somewhere I know it’s all worth.

Time is melancholy.

My vision is now a reality.

Some where a part of me grew up; Where a few shreds of my soul died.

That’s how life goes on; image Just


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